Principle's Message

In this direction we established Ch. Hukum Singh Degree College, Delhi Road,Jandhera Samaspur, Saharanpur. We have to strive hard to achieve number one position by imparting quality education and by recruiting qualified and experienced faculty at all level. We have established central placement cell to meet the target of 100% placement. We intent to covert the campus into a well-known University in a near future.

We also assure them that we will always be there for them not only today but in the future also, as their teacher, counsellor, friend and confidant, to impart to them values that will help them to distinguish the right from the wrong, educate them in their chosen subjects, provide to them opportunities for learning new skills that will help them in securing gainful employment and thus empowering them financially, develop their personalities and counsel them whenever they need our help in overcoming the problems in life that they will inevitably be facing.I hope you will give our college, the opportunity to prepare your child for a happy and successful future.Our College has a glorious history. Its academic environment is value oriented and culturally rooted yet modern in approach that helps in all round development of our students. To ensure holistic development of our students, the College has excellent track record of combining academic and extra-curricular activities through NSS, NCC, Departmental Students’ Council and various clubs. Our continuous effort is to develop our students to become invaluable assets for our society and nation.

"We once again welcome you and wish you a great future".

Dr. Sarika (MA,Phd Principal)